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The Song of Bernadette 1943

The Song of Bernadette 1943 - Director: Henry King
Das Lied von Bernadette - Illustrierte Film-Bühne: 23
Jennifer Jones, Charles Bickford, William Eythe, Vincent Price, Lee J. Cobb, Gladys Cooper, Anne Revere, Mary Anderson, Patricia Morison, Aubrey Mather.


Bernadette is a quiet young woman from Lourdes in France. One day she is visited by a woman in a trash dump. Convinced she is the Virgin Mary, Bernadette tells others of her encounter. Though she is not believed, she continues to return to the cave of her first encounter, digging a spring. The Catholic authorities condemn her, but her humble convictions eventually win them over as the spring begins to demonstrate miraculous healing properties.

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